School 1954

A Brief History of the School 

First day

St. David’s High School was first opened on the 1st November 1954, in response to the growing number of school age children in the area. Under the system of the day it was a Secondary Modern school, serving all those youngsters who had not passed the 11 plus and gone on to grammar school.  The pupils had previously attended Deeside, Queen’s Ferry and Buckley Elfed Secondary Modern Schools.

Unlike today pupil numbers were considerably smaller, with only 70 girls and 81 boys arriving on that first day.

The first headmaster was Mr F.N. Wright, who was a formidable character, earning great respect from students and staff under his charge.

The first staff at St Davids

The staff consisted of Mr J. Evans, Mr G. H. Morris, Miss K. Berry, Mrs J. Cassidy and Mrs E. Norbury.  By 1956 this number had increased to 15 as the number of pupils on role continued to grow. The pupils were first divided into forms according to their age and ability.

1st years (year7) were divided into 3 forms, 1A, 1B and 1C.  2nd years (year 8) were divided into 2 forms, 2A and 2B.  Finally all students in the 3rd year (year 9) were in form 3.

Eventually once in the third year pupils were allocated to forms designated 3c (commercial), 3T (Technical) and 3R (Remove) The first two were designed to cater for girls and boys, respectively, with a commercial and technical bias, while 3R consisted of less able children whose curriculum was planned accordingly. 

The school also operated a prefect system using the more capable and responsible members of the senior pupils.



The Headmaster, Mr Wright, was a passionate cricket fan and this was reflected in the school uniform, which was green edged in gold, the same colour as the national Pakistan cricket team.  Boys, therefore, wore grey trousers, long or short depending on age, (or your mum) white shirt, green and gold school tie, green jacket edged with gold and the school badge on the pocket. Girls wore green skirts, school tie, a white blouse and the same jacket as the boys.



There have only been five Headteachers at St. David’s throughout it’s 50 year period: 

Mr Wright 1954 – 73

Mr Davies January 1974 – 85

Mr Williams 1985 – 92

Mrs Chalmers 1992 - 03

Mr Davidson  2003 -


Speech Day

Speech day was a very important event in the school calendar and one, which seems to have been looked forward to by all pupils and staff.  During the day there would be presentation of prizes, entertainment from the school choir, items of physical activity and the chance for visitors to inspect pupils work followed by light refreshment.  The Headmaster, Mr N. Wright seemed to have the ability to persuade some very well known personalities to attend as the guest of honour who would present the pupils with their prizes.

The first Speech/Prize Day in the school’s history was held on 14th March 1956.  The guest of honour, who presented the prizes, was group Captain John Cunningham, D.S.O., O.B.E. Chief test Pilot of de Havilland Aircraft Company.  Other guests of honour included:

Sir Gerald Nabarro – 1964

Mr Hugh Lloyd – 1965

Dr H. Montgomery Hyde- 1967

Sir William Gladstone – 1969

Air Marshall Sir John Rowlands, G.E., K.B.E.

In September 1967 Saltney Secondary Modern became St. David’s High School, following the reorganisation of the education system, throughout the country.  In 1971 the school briefly became a Junior Comprehensive catering for 1st and 2nd year pupils from Saltney, Broughton, Kinnerton and Buckley.  This system, however, did not last for long, and later in the 1970's was changed to a comprehensive, catering for students from year 1 to 5.