Penarlag School

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Penarlag C.P. School

Carlines Avenue, Ewloe, Flintshire, CH5 3RQ

Tel and fax: 01244 533867


Headteacher: Miss. F. McGill  BEd, NPQH

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Vision Statement:

'Learning, sharing and growing together'

Mission Statement:

Pupils are our priority. Their well being and happiness are central to our work.

Everyone is important. Giving respect for others and for themselves, the children will develop an attitude that will help them to be successful in adulthood.

Natural enthusiasm to learn is fostered, which values the contributions of each member of the school community. We aim to lead the children towards self motivation, self discipline, perserverance and commitment.

All are welcomed and respected in our school. Home and school must work together to meet individual needs. We see ourselves as a growing community.

Residential opportunities broaden horizons.

Learning is our main purpose. We believe we can maximise learning by our teaching, including practical and fun activities and by setting challenging and meaningful targets. Children are encouraged to become independent learners who think creatively and reflectively.

Achievement is recognised, shared and celebrated.

Generate an environment which is caring, stimulating and challenging.

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